Founder - Pastor R.L. Hall

Founder – Pastor R.L. Hall


June 28, 1980


The organization was organized after consulting God for leadership and guidance of the Lord in the Holy Ghost carefully.  After seeking god for leadership, he gave Pastor R.L. Hall the name MIRACLE DELIVERANCE PENTECOSTAL CHURCH.

We didn’t have any place to go for our services, so God made a way. We started first having services in the backyard.   God open the door of the Body Of Christ Missionary Baptist Church, Pastor Rev. Weeks.  And by faith we moved to Peak Street and the Lord blessed us in a great and mighty way.  There we stayed until God said go farther which led us to 7117 Tillman in the Pleasant Grove area of Dallas.

It was said that we could not have this, but by faith, God spoke to Pastor Hall and told her, “As I was with Moses, I will be with thee.” Claim it and I shall give it until thee, and that is what God did.

We purchased our first piano, a 1980 van and a 1972 school bus that held 60 passengers.  Then God spoke to Pastor Hall’s heart in June 1981 to rebuild. After praying and seeking God while the church was being rebuilt, we had services at Oliver Wendell Holmes School.

After the church was complete we had our dedicatory services on December 12, 1982.  In early part of 1982, God blessed Pastor Hall to write a tract “WHAT YOU NEED IS CHRIST”.  God has blessed through this tract. It went all the way to India and since then God blessed Pastor Hall to correspond with Pastor Nityondon in India.  He advised Pastor Hall that he wanted to name his church MIRACLE DELIVERANCE PENTECOSTAL CHURCH, and we now claim that church in India.

God spoke to Pastor Hall’s heart and told her to claim the property next door to the church and by faith, she did just that.    In one year’s time we had it paid off.  God blessed us with the land, hospitality house, a 1985 van, a 1986 Ford mini bus for and a 1987 station wagon.  God spoke yet again to Pastor Hall’s heart and told her to purchase the land and house at 1946 Jim Miller Road and on September 1 and we did just that.

God is still blessing!  After God spoke to now build a new large sanctuary facing Jim Miller Road, Pastor Hall completed this task in 2005; then her journey was complete as well.  After much praying and guidance on October 25, 2009, Deacon John W. Ealoms was installed as the new pastor at Miracle Deliverance Pentecostal Church. We are currently moving forward in Unity and Love as the Lord guides and directs our path.